Graphic consist of three pictures. Land from drone, satelite in orbit, classroom.

Building Bridges between Earth Observation and Environmental Sciences

Workshop in Bologna


the EarthBridge Conference took place in Bologna, Italy, between 26th – 29th June 2023, under the umbrella of the project partner Alma Mater Studiorum Universita di Bologna. Special thanks go to the colleagues from UNIBO, especially Prof. Duccio Rocchini and Prof. Roberto Cazzolla Gatti, for the excellent organisation of the stay in Bologna.

The EarthBridge Conference in Bologna was composed of these activities:

  1. Course “Analyzing spatially autocorrelated data (WP3) – 26th June 23
  2. EarthBridge project meeting – 27th June 2023
  3. Management committee meeting – 28th June 2023
  4. EarthBridge workshop for ECRs – 27 – 28th June 2023
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