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Building Bridges between Earth Observation and Environmental Sciences


Photo of Vítězslav Moudrý

WP1: EarthBridge research project 

WP leader: Vítězslav Moudrý

The participants to WP1 discuss and exchange knowledge and know-how to integrate their scientific expertise and develop approaches to be tested at different scales.

This WP aims at:

  • assessing the potential of and integrate different environmental sensing approaches to quantify and assess biodiversity in agricultural landscapes
  • delivering important research outputs in the field of environmental EO through joint and interdisciplinary research work
  • producing material for engaging local and regional stakeholders

WP2: Scientific and management excellence of CZU 

WP leader: Duccio Rocchini

WP2 deals with increasing the number and quality of CZU publications in the field of environmental sensing and EO and with improving proposal writing and project management to increase the success rate.

This WP aims at:

  • organising workshops to gain insights into the partners’ research activities, strengthening the CZU network in environmental EO and exploring the opportunities for future joint projects
  • providing scientific and administrative training and short-term staff exchanges to enhance knowledge exchange, and create new professional partnerships
Photo of Duccio Rocchini
Photo of Chris Marrs

WP3: Targeted promotion of early-career researchers 

WP3 leader: Christopher Marrs

WP3 focuses on early-career researchers’ training and stimulates networking among institutions.

This WP aims at:

  • strengthening the research skills and experience of early-career researchers through a synthesis project, joint mentoring with EarthBridge partners, and short-term exchanges.
  • preparing a study programme focused on environmental EO at CZU and increasing the number of CZU double degree agreements and ERASMUS agreements

WP4: Communication and Dissemination

WP4 leader: Kateřina Hájková

WP4 focuses on disseminating the project activities and outcomes to the scientific community, the stakeholders, and the general public.

This WP aims at:

  • maximising the project’s visibility and informing on its goals, achievements, impacts and results (in printed form, online, and in-person at selected events) 
  • making the developed training material accessible, especially for early-career researchers
  • establishing the Stakeholder Advisory Board 
  • organising a final dissemination workshop at the EU level in Brussels
Photo of Kateřina Hájková
Photo of Ema Trakalová

WP5: Coordination and Management

WP5 leader: Ema Trakalová

WP5 deals with the general management and coordination of the project and is connected to all other WPs.

This WP aims at:

  • coordinating the activities between WPs and within the project as a whole
  • organising consortium meetings
  • monitoring and ensuring progress and successful completion of the project, managing risks and mitigation, and reporting to the EC
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