Graphic consist of three pictures. Land from drone, satelite in orbit, classroom.

Building Bridges between Earth Observation and Environmental Sciences

EarthBridge: We have new experts in environmental Earth observation


Celebrating the merging of environmental science and Earth Observation, we have new graduates. New bachelors and masters.

The bachelors have had a challenging journey during their studies, and we have nine survivors of the original thirty-four enrolled. Two students, Katerina and Vladimir, received the Dean’s Award for the high quality of their bachelor’s thesis. Congratulations!

Our Spatial Sciences masters students have excelled. All nine enrollees successfully completed their studies. Five of them, Katerina, Barbora, Michael, Ondrej and Jakub, received the Rector’s or Dean’s Award for their excellent study results. In addition, Michael and Ondrej received the Rector’s Award for outstanding diploma thesis. Only six students from the whole faculty received this award this year. We are proud of our graduates!

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