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Building Bridges between Earth Observation and Environmental Sciences

World Ecosystem Extent Dynamics



CZU (Czech University of Life Sciences Prague) has become an integral part of the groundbreaking project, WORLD ECOSYSTEM EXTENT DYNAMICS (WEED). This ambitious initiative, aimed at enhancing global ecosystem mapping and monitoring through advanced cloud-based tools, is organized into two distinct phases.

Phase 1: Building Foundations and Co-Developing Tools

In Phase 1, detailed in section, the project focuses on establishing the social and technical infrastructure required for the co-development of cloud-based tools essential for ecosystem mapping solutions. These solutions will cater to terrestrial, freshwater, and coastal ecosystems, addressing the specific needs of various countries.

Key Activities in Phase 1:

  1. Engagement of Champion Users:
  • The project has enlisted six Champion Users from four different continents. These users will play a pivotal role in shaping the development and testing of the tools.
  1. Development of a Cloud-Based IT Environment:
  • A robust IT environment will be built to support the development of ecosystem mapping tools. This environment will serve as a collaborative space for developers and users.
  1. Co-Development and Testing:
  • Individual tools and workflows will be co-developed and rigorously tested for their interactions. This collaborative approach ensures that the tools meet the practical needs of users across different regions and ecosystems.
  1. Implementation of the WEED Toolbox:
  • The consolidated tools and workflows will be implemented as modules of the WEED toolbox. This toolbox will be integrated into a platform designed to provide a cloud-based, EO (Earth Observation)-integrated solution for operational ecosystem extent mapping and monitoring.

Components of the Platform:

  • EO Processing Backend:
  • This component will develop datasets on ecosystem extents and input variables necessary for mapping.
  • Reference Backend:
  • A crucial part for validation and uncertainty estimation, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the data.
  • Modules for Indicator Calculation and Visualization:
  • These modules will provide tools for calculating and visualizing key ecosystem indicators.
  • Data Curation Module:
  • Responsible for the management and maintenance of data.
  • Semantics Processing Backend:
  • This backend will support the processing and integration of semantic data.

Phase 2: Demonstrations and Outreach

Phase 2, outlined in section 2.2.3, will focus on demonstrating the functionality of the EO-integrated solution at both national and European levels. This phase aims to showcase the practical applications and benefits of the WEED toolbox, fostering greater user engagement and adoption.

Key Activities in Phase 2:

  1. National and European Demonstrations:
  • Multiple demonstrations will be conducted to illustrate the capabilities and effectiveness of the EO-integrated solutions developed in Phase 1.
  1. Outreach and User Engagement:
  • Efforts will be made to advance user engagement, ensuring that the tools and solutions are effectively utilized and continually updated based on user feedback and evolving needs.


By joining the WEED project, CZU is contributing to a global effort to improve ecosystem mapping and monitoring. This initiative not only enhances our understanding of ecosystem dynamics but also provides vital tools for environmental management and conservation efforts worldwide. As Phase 1 sets the groundwork with the development of advanced tools and a collaborative platform, Phase 2 will bring these innovations to life through practical demonstrations and broad user engagement. The success of WEED promises significant advancements in the way we monitor and manage ecosystems, ultimately supporting global sustainability efforts.

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