Graphic consist of three pictures. Land from drone, satelite in orbit, classroom.

Building Bridges between Earth Observation and Environmental Sciences

Tisá – partners‘ meeting


During our partners’meeting in Tisá (13-15 March 2024) we delved into some crucial discussions and made significant progress towards our shared goals.

First and foremost, we discussed the development of a comprehensive handbook for stakeholders. This handbook will serve as a vital resource, providing guidance and information for all those involved in our project.

One of the most exciting plans we made was regarding the Synthesis project in KRNAP National Park. Together, we brainstormed ideas, mapped out strategies, and laid the groundwork for this ambitious endeavor. I can’t wait to see our vision come to life in such a breathtaking setting!

Additionally, we took the time to update our plan for indicators, ensuring that we’re tracking our progress effectively and staying aligned with our objectives. It’s crucial to have clear benchmarks in place, and I’m proud of the collaborative effort we put into refining this aspect of our project.

Looking ahead, we also discussed future scientific exchanges and opportunities for collaboration. These exchanges will not only enrich our understanding but also foster meaningful connections within the scientific community.

Last but not least, we explored avenues for scientific publications, aiming to share our findings and insights with the wider world. By disseminating our research, we can amplify our impact and contribute to the greater body of knowledge in our field.

Overall, it was an incredibly productive and inspiring meeting, and I’m grateful to be part of such a dedicated and passionate team. Together, we’re making a real difference in the realm of environmental conservation, and I can’t wait to see where our journey takes us next!

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