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Building Bridges between Earth Observation and Environmental Sciences

Dr. Jan Barabach, Paleoclimatologist – Poznań University of Life Sciences


Dr. Jan Barabach, a renowned paleoclimatologist from the Poznań University of Life Sciences, visited the Czech University of Life Sciences (ČZU) in Prague and delivered lectures to students on April 22 and 24, 2024. His work combines scientific research with innovative techniques to better understand historical climate changes and their impacts on ecosystems. During his visit, Dr. Barabach shared his expertise through several key lectures that focused on current research and technological advancements in paleoclimatology and related fields.


  1. Control and Navigation Systems for Near-Ground EO Platforms
    On April 22, Dr. Barabach introduced modern control and navigation systems for near-ground Earth Observation (EO) platforms. These technologies enable precise and efficient data collection, crucial for analyzing climate changes and their effects on the natural environment. The lecture focused on the engineering aspects of developing these systems and their practical applications in field research.
  2. Palaeoecology
    Also on April 22, Dr. Barabach focused on the study of ancient ecosystems and their responses to climate changes. Palaeoecology is an interdisciplinary science that combines data from geology, botany, zoology, and climatology. Students learned how to analyze fossil records and use them to reconstruct past climatic conditions and ecological systems. This lecture provided valuable knowledge for understanding current ecological issues and predicting their future developments.
  3. Ice Caves, Cave Surveying Techniques
    On April 24, Dr. Barabach’s final lecture focused on ice caves and the techniques for surveying them. Ice caves are fascinating natural formations that can provide important information about past climatic conditions. This lecture covered cave surveying methodologies, including advanced mapping techniques and ice sample analysis. Students learned how to conduct research safely and effectively in these challenging environments.

Dr. Jan Barabach’s visit to ČZU was not only an academic highlight but also an inspiring opportunity for students to explore the mysteries of our planet’s past and seek solutions for its sustainable future. His lectures were well-received for their practical approach and relevance, offering students unique educational experiences.

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