Graphic consist of three pictures. Land from drone, satelite in orbit, classroom.

Building Bridges between Earth Observation and Environmental Sciences

David Moravec visited UNIBO


Another exchange took place in Bologna. David Moravec spent 3 weeks in Bologna and collaborated with Duccio Rocchini. David has described the benefits of thsi exchange in the following way: „The exchange has been highly beneficial for both my career and research. Firstly, it has significantly expanded my network of professional contacts, providing me with valuable connections that will be instrumental in future collaborations and research opportunities. Additionally, gaining insight into the academic environment at another institution allowed me to identify both the strengths and weaknesses of our own programs. For instance, I recognized our strengths in offering a personal approach to students and emphasizing practical aspects of education. On the other hand, I also identified areas where we could improve, such as incorporating deeper mathematical foundations in our curriculum, low ambitions for publishing high scientific articles, and enhancing our outreach and promotion efforts. Overall, this exchange has equipped me with a broader perspective and actionable insights to enhance our academic and research endeavours.“

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