Graphic consist of three pictures. Land from drone, satelite in orbit, classroom.

Building Bridges between Earth Observation and Environmental Sciences

EarthBridge in Clover Day in Velke Hostěrádky


The EarthBridge project proudly participated in the „Clover Day“, event held on Saturday, May 18th, in Velké Hostěrádky, Czechia. The event, which welcomed hundreds of participants, aimed to present organic agricultural land and officially open a new biodiversity trail, a collaborative effort with the FRAMEWORK H2020 project. The 7 km trail offers breathtaking views of the agricultural landscape and its picturesque surroundings of fields, forests, and vineyards, as well as presents local biodiversity – birds, insects, and vegetation.

EarthBridge team members David Moravec and Elisa Padulosi demonstrated how Earth Observation methods, such as drones, spectrometers, and thermal cameras, can enhance our understanding of the environment and help traditional ecologists monitor in the field. Additionally, we had the chance to meet with colleagues from other universities and sectors, which enabled us to start new collaborations.

We really enjoyed the meeting and believe that activities like this are incredibly important and have a significant impact.

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